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Glubur is a brand built on the core values of developing and implementing new approaches to cost-effective mining by leveraging the resources of new technology while sourcing and utilizing professional expertise in production and administration to relentlessly strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.

The company offers rotary drill bits that are adaptive to the ever changing customer demands. Experienced professionals make up the in-house consulting team who are unfazed by customers’ requests and can respond decisively to help customers choose the suitable drilling tools when such need arises.


Glubur was founded in 2001, and since then, it has made a giant leap, becoming the pacesetter in Belarusian mining industry. Over the years, it has been meticulous in building on its national reputation to challenge with intrepidity for its place among other competitive brands on the global stage.


Business Model

Glubur’s business model is established on customer satisfaction, which is achieved by getting the clients involved in production through transparent and reliable customer service. A close relationship with our customers allows us to provide the best solution for their drilling tasks that is safe and cost-effective.

Field-performance reports are important for acquiring actionable insights, which are necessary for production optimization. Based on end user feedback, we have obtained significant proof that Glubur offers quality products that reduce the total cost of drilling on many mining sites such as gold, copper, iron ore, and coal mines.

Our production

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Marketing and Sales

The secret to our successful campaign and emergence in the mining sector domestically and internationally is our marketing team, which is made up of enthusiastic professionals who have robust knowledge and unique approach to each designated region, however, all team members work in unison to satisfy our customers. Over the years, their exploits resulted in established relationships and connections within our base of operations in different countries. They link our production team directly to the end users in the markets. Furthermore, the marketing team works with the necessary administrative personnels to optimize procurement, production, sales and logistics. In summary, their duties involve the following:

  1. Leveraging existing connections in specific regions to gather market intelligence that is crucial in sales and pricing
  2. Procurement of the best raw materials, utilizing actionable insights from trade networks and field reports to offer the best price-quality ratio for our customers
  3. Offering discounts to loyal customers who have been in business with the brand for a considerable amount of time
  4. Collaborating with our agents, logistics, and locals in the designated territories to ensure that our products are delivered promptly to the end users
  5. Partnering with other brands with similar interests on large projects to better serve our customers

frequently questions

Are you a seller or manufacturer ?
Glubur is a manufacturer of Tricone drill bits. We have been in the mining business for over 20 years with a long list of satisfied customers.
What tricone Drill bits diameters do you have
We produce tricone drill bits from 6 inches to 12 inches.
Do you ship to Europe
Yes. We deliver our bits worldwide.
What is the minimal order
For testing, we are ready to deliver even one bit


The director of Glubur delegates duties and directs the affairs of Glubur’s operations through forward-thinking, hard-work, courage, integrity, and transparency. All board members and their sub-ordinates are imbued with these core values and team spirit, which translate to high productivity and customer satisfaction. The Company Management consists of the production team, the marketing team, and the administrative team. All the team members were chosen strategically, using the company’s goals and operational activities as the focal points of decision-making during the hiring process. The teams meet regularly to discuss, plan, and execute orders based on the company’s operational objectives.

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