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Mining bits of trademark "Glubur" are being successfully used in various mining and geological deposit conditions in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. Efficient production scale allows to quickly adapt the products to different drilling conditions and customer's machinery characteristics.
With comparatively low price, the mining bits have high drilling technological indicators, which allows to sustain high drilling rate and low cost per running meter of borehole. The distinctive feature of our work is tailor-made approach to every customer's needs, which finds overwhelmingly positive feedback among the latter.
If you have not yet been made aware of the benefits which you can get from cooperation with us, don't delay your request - make it right now.
Название Диаметр долота Обозначение долота Присоединительная резьба
мм дюйм КОД IADC API 7-2
Roller cone bit - test test test test test