Roller cone bit 228.6 622Y (9" 622)

The bit is designed for drilling of medium-hard abrasive rock formations, e.g. hard limestone and shale, dolomite, magnesite, ferrous quartzite, diorite, quartzeous porphyry, solicited shale, fine-grained skarn, weak pegmatite, martite ore and metamorphic granite rocks, most frequently found in gold, granite and copper mines.
Recommended drilling parameters for maximum efficiency of the bit: low and medium rotation speed (60-115 RPM) and axial load from 70 to 180 kN.
Rock strength range - from 24 000 to 44 000 PSI.

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Bit diameter, mm 228.6
Bit diameter, inch 9
Bit designation, IADC 622Y
Connection thread, API 4 ½" REG
Bearing type Air-cooled, on rolling bearings
Formation type For medium-hard abrasive formations
Rotation speed. RPM 115-60
Max. applicable load, kN 70-180
Weight, kg 40.1
Bearing/cooling type Roller – Ball – Roller / Air cooling
Blow-through type Side / center
Cutting structure Tungsten carbide inserts

technical specifications