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Roller bits are the most versatile rock drill tool, because its field of application covers almost all the variety of rocks: from very soft to very hard. It is not a dismountable structure consisting of welded three sections (chisel of sectional construction) or welded to the molded body of three legs (chisel of the hull structure), on the journals of which are mounted freely rotary cutters with weapons in the form of milled steel teeth or pressed carbide teeth from tungsten carbide.


Roller bit is designed for drilling explosive, hydrogeological, geological prospecting and other wells in a continuous slaughter in rocks of different hardness and fracture when cleaning the face with compressed air or air-water mixture. Chisels are widely used in the mining industry for the extraction of ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other minerals.

At present, PT Agrostroy Ltd. produces and sells three-cone bits with hard-alloy weapons for drilling blasting and other wells in a wide range of rocks, hardness from medium to high. Three-cone drill bits “Glubur” have the designation, consisting of the standard designation according to GOST 20692-2003 and the IADC code. Chisels of different types are characterized by armament, the most effective for drilling a particular type of rock, and can be equipped with both a central and side blowdown of the bottomhole.

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